Events Security

Delivering a professional and quality security service to events large and small in and around the North East.

Delivering safe, secure and enjoyable events combined with planning to create an event to suit the location, type of event and audience profile.

No matter your requirements, our team of committed professionals will help you deliver the best customer experience possible.

Phoenix FMS ensures the safety of staff and visitors for local community events, cultural gathering to festivals, sporting stadia and much more. No matter what the type of event or the crowd it attracts, Phoenix FMS are there to help all the way.

Phoenix FMS have been delighted to provide services to: The Great North Run, Sunderland Airshow, Bents Park Sunday Concerts, Spice Girls Concerts, Durham County Cricket Club, Newcastle, Sedgefield and Hexham Racecourse. Sporting Stadia such as Hartlepool Football Club and Mowden Darlington Arena.


What we have to offer:

  • Stewards
  • SIA officers
  • Door supervisors
  • Level 3 supervisors
  • Pit crew & backstage teams
  • Hospitality staff
  • Close protection
  • Anti-tout teams
  • Level 2 spectator safety qualification

What we also have available:

  • Ticket & pass control
  • Scanning
  • Crowd management planning
  • Health & Safety management
  • Body-worn CCTV
  • Traffic & parking
  • Front of house security
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Temporary CCTV systems
  • Canine services
  • Fire safety systems
  • Security systems
  • Monitoring services


  • Sporting events
  • Concerts, or Music festivals
  • High profile events including VIP, Royal and Government visitors
  • Trade shows, Business events, or Conferences
  • Major events or Small local events
  • Unique events

Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage

Phoenix FMS can consult, design, supply, install and maintain a whole host of indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions which are rapid deployment and easy to use. These can be used in and around events to help the public follow public distance rules or display advertising for example. We can even supply huge behind stage displays up to 180M. We can liaise with the event AV crew to provide the perfect solution.

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Security Systems

We can provide rapid deployment full height walk through detection systems capable of multi modal detection. The event can choose the one or multi modes of detection, for example you can detect metal, temperature (covid) and facial recognition (good for corporate/political events). The systems will even show you where abouts on the body the metal is detected.


High definition rapid deployment CCTV towers which can be monitored on site and remotely back at Phoenix FMS's state of the art RVRC (remote video response centre). Intelligent camera functions can detect loitering (suspicious activity), crowd gatherings (covid) etc and automatically trigger public address systems to advise of crowd disbursement. The system can automatically alert your security staff to a potential problem even before it comes one.

Cctv (2)

All systems can be purchased or rented even on just a 1 day basis giving you’re event client the flexibility they need whilst you benefit from additional revenue streams by having Phoenix FMS supply these solutions. If you would like further info just contact me. I believe having these solutions in your services portfolio could also give you an edge over your competition. All systems will be installed by Phoenix FMS specially trained engineers, we do not sub contact this service, this gives you peace of mind the installer is an approved reseller.