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Use our Construction Cameras to Live View Your Construction Site From Anywhere.

Phoenix FMS can provide a fully off grid Solar Powered Time Lapse Solution. Ideal for site commencement or enablement when power is not available or remote locations. Our systems can be rapidly deploy in less than a day and will run indefinitely on back up batteries power. The system is constantly connected to our secure cloud meaning you always have a live view and we constantly monitor the systems status meaning no down time and your site gets a perfect 4K time lapse video from start to finish. The system can also be used to monitor for intrusion out of hours providing a great value dual solution.


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Construction Time-Lapse

Our team of creative specialists can create a marketing video to suit all your needs



Record high-resolution images for every second of the construction site progress. This gives you a full recording of the entire duration of the project from green field to handover

Snapmail is a perfect way to send a regular, scheduled reminder about all the key events and project milestones.

Compare before and after images from any point in time. Embed these neat visual aids on your website or promotional material.

Evercam digital zoom catches every detail in your project with up to 18X beyond the basic zoom level.

The X-Ray tool allows you to scan the image to compare completed work against the current status of the project. Eg: view the interior of a building before the facade was installed.

With our image editor, you can write, highlight areas or add text to specific site locations on an image. Easily download the image and share it with your team members.

Our Gate Report identifies all vehicles that enter & exit your site and provides you with an in-app & PDF report.

Our BIM integration feature overlays your BIM model with real-time, high-resolution images of your project.

This tool allows you to measure progress and provides you with proof of the status of your project. Eg: Ensuring that 50m of fencing was installed.